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Growth & Decay - Official Site
Listen to excerpts of all tracks on Growth & Decays debut dance album Electronic Toys. Growth & Decay a new dance act as feature on Radio 1, Kiss 100 FM & the MOSound etc

mp3 excerpts - Growth & Decay - Electronic Toys

Music from Growth & Decay's - Electronic Toys album is being played on Radio 1, Kiss FM, Vibe FM, The United Colors of House FM, Oban FM and Radio K etc. It's also being played in the clubs all over the UK including all the big clubs in London such as the Ministry of Sound, Turnmills and Heaven etc. We have an ever-increasing number of supporting DJs which include Steve Lamacq Radio 1, John Askew Kiss FM and the Reverend Milo Kiss FM.

The Electronic Toys album is eclectic in style, including Dance, Electronic, Techno, Trance, House and Big beats. If you like The Prodigy, Massive Attack, Meat Beat Manifesto, or electronic/dance music in general, give it a listen here

Supporting DJs include:
Steve Lamacq (Radio 1), John Askew (Kiss 100 FM - Ministry of Sound and Turnmills etc.), Reverend Milo (Kiss 100 FM - various clubs), Marc Hughes - (Ministry Of Sound Resident), Filthy Rich (Gatecrasher One, Heaven, London Venues, Ministry Of Sound, Mission), Nico De Ceglia (AKA, Ministry Of Sound, The End), Richard Wakely (Gatecrasher One, Heaven, London Venues, Ministry Of Sound, Mission), Jay Welsh (club la vila (panamacity), late night library (florida), club ra (vegas), etc, escape club, love apple, think tank), Ian Callaghan (various), Neil Carey (elbow rooms, fez club, fusion, station), Dean Facer (CRMK 89:8FM Radio, various), Shem Mccauly (various), Tim Lyall (embassy, k bar, liquid rooms, manor hall, opera house, po na na, red rooms, stealth, the bomb), Andrew Eastough (Progress), Gordon Kaye (Area, Beduin, The Bridge, The Zodiac Thirst), Tasty Tim (Coco Rico, Crash, Ghetto, On the Rocks, The Light, Various), Chris Barling (Aftershock), Grayson Shipley (Bar Latino, Bar Latino, Manhattan), Trophy Twins (cross/egg, eden, mission, residency show), Sonny Wharton (various), Andy Spencer (varous), Mark Gowdie (G's, Mondo, Pivo, The Cooler), Gary Dillon (Bush Bar, Lavery's, Queens, The Basement, The Parlour), James Hyman (Club Razz), Anthony Pappa (various), James Blond (Atlantis, DV8, Forme, Nightingale, Opal Lounge, Type 3), Jeffrey Disastronaut (future rock n roll, harlem, mash, moonlighting, slack sabbath, the dogstar, v/a, worldwide), Paul Mendez (Tunnel, Worldwide guest spots), Mal Black (various), Chris Hunter AKA Da Mentalistz (53 degrees, Hush, Revolution, Truth), Shem AKA Slacker (various), Jerry Bouthier (T Bar, T Building), Andy Eastough (Progress) and DJ Leo (Radio K), etc.

Growth & Decay is classically trained and has been making dance music for the past 15 years. He grew up on the outskirts of London listening to Electro and Hip Hop. During the early 90s he became enthused by the electronic dance music played on the rave and club scene. He regularly MC'd at venues all over the city including Telepathy for DJ Ron, The Drum, Limelight, Labyrinth, The Nut House and The Rocket. He became affiliated with the underground artist Satin Storm and toured the country playing at various venues, MCing alongside the likes of Evenson Allen of the Rat Pack.

During the late 90s Growth & Decay's focus shifted from the live music scene to studio production. The album Electronic Toys represents a body of work spanning five years.

There is a demo .mp3 for each track on the Electronic Toys album. The demo .mp3's are typically 2 minutes long and you can listen to them here.

You can buy full length versions of the tracks in two different ways:

1. You can download any or all of the tracks on the Electronic Toys album by clicking on one of the shop tabs and then clicking on the "add to cart" button for each respective track you wish to download. Next complete the on-line ordering process, which is both simple and secure. 2. If you decide that you want to buy the Electronic Toys album on CD you can do so by simply clicking on any of the shop pages and following the order process. 3. There are two EP's complied with tracks from the album i.e. 4 to the floor EP and The Big Beats EP, both of which are available on vinyl on this site.

At this point we can provide you with a number of services listed above. The emphasis of this site is to bring you quality music written and produced by Growth & Decay. At this moment in time the debut album Electronic Toys is available to be demo 'd and bought. Also both Vinyl and CD singles are available on this site. If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: we would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help (see the "How To Contact Us" tab).


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